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Dr. Susanne Knoll


Research Interests

  • The embodiment of space, and the hypothesis that the Byzantine vision of the Holy is a matter of physical extension; in general sacred space – its definition, transformation and re-creation; different applications of framing devices and demarcation concepts during the Middle Ages to shape heterotopic 'other spaces' as well as liminal zones
  • „spatial turn“ / „topographical turn“/ „topological turn“
  • The concept of Hierotopy – an interdisziplinary approach to detect holiness in various contexts
  • Pilgrimage and pilgrimage centers during the medieval period up to the modern era
  • Issues of alterity and identity in Byzantium and the reflection of this conflict in art works; blurring boundaries and stages of transition

Curriculum Vitae


  • since October 2009: Ph.D. Candidate in Late Antique and Byzantine Art History, supervised by Prof. Dr. Franz-Alto Bauer at Ludwig-Maximilians-University
  • Ph.D. Working title: „The Holy Land as Sehnsuchtsort. Creations of sacral topography“ Admission into the PhD-Program in Art History at Yale University, beginning fall 2009  - family accident made acceptance of doctoral position impossible
  • October 2004 till March 2009: Study of Late Antique and Byzantine Art History (major), Medieval and Modern Art History (minor), Scandinavian Studies (minor) at LMU. Degree: Magister Artium (M.A.) "with excellence" Masters Thesis: „The Staging of a Saint: St. Neophytos Enkleistos – a Modern Myth?“

Professional experience

since October 2009:

  • Student Assistant, Department of Late Antique and Byzantine Art History, LMU  (non academic qualifications)
  • Trainee position in the public-relations and editorial department at Luchterhand Literaturverlag, Munich
  • Training qualification as Publisher and Bookseller, Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, Munich

Awards and Fellowships

  • Since May 2010: Scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation
  • October 2009 till present: Member of LMU Mentoring Excellence
  • February 2009: Dr. Walther-Liebehenz-Prize for MA-Thesis „The Staging of a Saint:  St. Neophytos Enkleistos – a Modern Myth?