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Catherine Jones

Research Interests

  • Pre- and early dynastic Egypt
  • Development of society
  • Architecture and space
  • Archaeological theory and methods


  • since May 2008 PhD candidate with the doctoral thesis: „Ancient Egyptian ‘national shrines’. A source analysis of the pr-nw, pr-nsr and pr-wr“. Supervisors: PD Dr. Alexandra Verbovsek (LMU Munich) and Prof. Dr. Harco Willems (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven).
  • April 2001 – July 2007 student at the LMU, Munich. Magister Artium (M.A.) in Egyptology with the thesis „Das Bild des Tieres in der neolithischen Zeit Ägyptens“ (Theriomorphic Images in Neolithic Egypt). Minor Subjects: Coptology, Palaeoanatomy.
  • September 1995  - July 1999 student at the University of Hull, England. B.A. Honours in Combined Languages (German, French, Spanish).


  • September 2008 – October 2011 research fellow and scholarship holder in the postgraduate program “Forms of Prestige in Ancient Cultures” at the LMU Munich.
  • April 2006 - July 2007 holder of a scholarship awarded by the International Office, LMU Munich.

Professional experience

  • From May 2008 lecturer of courses on pre- and early dynastic Egypt, Middle Egyptian language and Propädeutikum, Institute of Egyptology, LMU Munich.
  • From January 2008 museum guide at the State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich.
  • April - May 2008 team member of the excavation project in Tell el- Fara‛in/Buto, Egypt. German Archaeological Institute, Cairo Department.
  • February 2003 - March 2008 team member of the excavation project Deir el-Bachit, Western Thebes, Egypt. Institute of Egyptology, LMU Munich in cooperation with the German Archaeological Institute, Cairo Department.
  • From 2002 freelance translator of Egyptological monographs, articles and journals for the Institute of Egyptology, LMU Munich and the German Archaeological Institute, Cairo Department.
  • June 2000 – June 2005 team member of the archaeological firm ARDI (Archäologische Dienstleistungen), Munich.


  • Co-editor (together with PD Dr. Alexandra Verbovsek and Dr. Burkhard Backes) of the symposium volume „Methodik und Didaktik in der Ägyptologie. Herausforderungen eines kulturwissenschaftlichen Paradigmenwechsels in den Altertumswissenschaften“, in: Assmann, J./Roeder, H. (Hgg.), „Ägyptologie und Kulturwissenschaft“, Band IV, München 2011.