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Dr. Melanie Barbato

Research Interests

  • My doctoral thesis investigates the Jaina teaching of the manysidedness of reality (anekantavada) in both its classical form and its modern interpretations. I enjoy working with an interdiciplinary approach and have chosen this topic because it allows me to draw on my training in philosophy as well as the more sociological aspects of religious studies. In autumn 2008 I had the opportunity to do field work and conduct interviews on anekantavada in the South Indian state of Karnataka.
  • I developed my interest in Indian logic and epistemology during my undergraduate studies and focused on the Nyaya school before turning to Jainism. I am also interested in the comparative study of Indian and Western philosophy and in Indian religion and culture in general. I try to put my knowledge to practical use as a volunteer for various NGOs in the field of interreligous and intercultural dialogue.

Curriculum Vitae


  • October 2006- present: PhD student in Indology, LMU. Thesis title: “Anekantavada through the Ages: The Jaina Teaching of the Manysidedness of Reality between Philosophy and Rhethoric”
  • October 2005- June 2006: Master’s student in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, England. Thesis title: “Nirvikalpaka and Savikalpaka Pratyaksha in the Early Nyaya School”
  • February 2002- June 2005: B. A. (Hons.) in Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Stirling, Scotland. Thesis title: “The Nyaya Darshana and its Relation to Western Logic and Scholarship”


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  • Journal article “The Concept of Determinate and Indeterminate Perception in the Early Nyaya School”, in MIZ (Muenchner Indologische Zeitschrift), (forthcoming)
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  • Book review of Alka Saraogi, 2005,“ Umweg nach Kalkutta“ (A Calcutta Detour), in MIZ (Muenchner Indologische Zeitschrift), (forthcoming)